[12:01]Xeilin: Uwah~... Yes indeed. It has been quite a while.
[17:44]Tonkotsu: It's weekend, I hope you are good.
[20:30]Tru: :)
Echoetic got 1 and 52 for being active in chat
[04:43]Echoetic: You as well, Tonkotsu~
[04:44]Tru: <3
[06:09]Tonkotsu: Thanks, I am.
[15:39]white5: .....
[09:43]white5: both the forum from the in-game link and the facebook link don't work
[20:41]Tonkotsu: What a pitty.
[04:06]Kanade: How can the FB link not work when there isn't one?
[04:06]Kanade: The forum link works for me. More trolls?
[05:17]Tonkotsu: The link in the game is also not working for me.
[09:48]white5: i'm not really a troll, the links just don't work
[17:16]Pfote: buttons should work, especially after I cleaned the forum a few days ago
[17:19]Pfote: but yeah, the facebook site's literally dead
[17:45]Tonkotsu: Now the forum buttom is working for me, ingame.
[20:04]white5: the in-game forum buttom is also working for me...thanks to whoemever fixed it
[18:56]Pfote: currently I'm the only one working on ingame things ^^° not only 'programming' but graphics as well,
[18:57]Pfote: that's why the progress is so god damn slow ><
[19:48]Echoetic: yikes ;-;
[06:27]Tonkotsu: Never mind the slow progress. Just do your thing.
[15:04]Pfote: yeah, October last year, I got employed, which consumes time as well
[15:04]Pfote: but as soon as I made the last armor, I guess I can finish the new map real quick :)
[09:45]white5: got a question...if i got a pet that says female, and me being a male, can i equip it ?
[17:09]Tonkotsu: I would say no, but if you already have the pet, just give it a try.
Echoetic got 1 and 24 for being active in chat
[20:18]Echoetic: Yeah, I can't equip the male snake .-.
[09:52]white5: ok, thanks Tonkotsu
[17:54]Pfote: you can't because of a simple reason - the image that is used in the database is different
[17:54]Pfote: because the male and female poses are different
[20:35]Echoetic: ah, that makes sense
[20:35]Echoetic: thanks Pfote~
[03:26]Pfote: anytime~
[19:42]IceWolf_Gamer: finally
[22:56]IceWolf_Gamer: is anyone talking?
[05:51]Tonkotsu: Yes, if you give the topic.
[05:59]Balehilawen: Cute little game ! Too bad; there doesn't seems to be many people around.
[07:27]Valycia: Nobody's around. We're all asquare. ... Arectangle? * shrugs *
[07:28]Valycia: No, wait. Everyone's arhombus. Yeah, that one.
Balehilawen got 1 and 46 for being active in chat
[07:42]Balehilawen: This almost had a ninja feeling to it... ! ^^
[07:42]Balehilawen: This almost had a ninja feeling to it... ! ^^
[07:42]Balehilawen: And unwanted doublepost. Sorry 'bout that.
[19:54]Tonkotsu: Never mind.
[08:14]Valycia: Ding. 65. Everything looks like ants from up here.
[19:42]Tonkotsu: Congratulations Valycia. How is it to be at an age, where you could retire?
[19:43]Tonkotsu: By the way, the cookie baskets are not working with level 64. I only get 200 EXP when I open on.
[16:24]Spacer0815: I don't think, that stuff like that will be actually fixed anymore
[19:28]Tonkotsu: I think you are right.