[21:04]SalamandraKnight: *hechel* (yes) XD
[21:52]Valycia: Happy ╔═█☻•♪§↓╦ everybody.
[15:57]Tonkotsu: Thanks you too.
[05:07]Tonkotsu: Happy new year.
[07:45]x1thegirl411: happy new year~ ^_^ <3
[11:55]Tonkotsu: Just saw "Your Name". Anyone else seen that movie?
[06:02]JezebelJinx: wow this brings back memories
[04:32]darkness0: i have see the movie first time on 11 January soo nice *.*
[08:42]Tonkotsu: First I thought it might be boring and predictable, but then I had this nice story twist.
[08:43]Tonkotsu: And I liked that, so I also think it's a good film.
[22:04]darkness0: you know similar movies / animes?
[05:04]Tonkotsu: Body switching anime? No this is the first one. But there are sure many more.
[02:26]darkness0: not only body switching more than a good story with love elements but not too match
[02:26]darkness0: i hope you know what i mean xD
[12:07]Valycia: That makes me think of the movie " Big " a little bit.
[13:30]darkness0: Big is i normal Movie i search for Anime ^^
[13:30]darkness0: big is a*
[22:32]Blair-chan: hi
[03:28]darkness0: huhu ^^
[18:49]Blair-chan: was geeeeeeeeeeht
[03:38]Rathorc: Wow. It's prety much dead in here right now.
[22:17]Valycia: It's a dead man's party. Who could ask for more? Everybody's coming. Leave your body at the door.
[07:24]Takeru: 07/03/2018
[14:02]Lykaner: 20/03/2018
[21:26]darkness0: 21/03/2018
[11:18]Tonkotsu: Happy easter.
[02:01]Rathorc: Does anyone know why the site seems to be acting up for?
[11:44]Valycia: Both the forums for this and TnT stop working after a while whenever they're fixed.
[11:46]Valycia: Something that requires active mainentance, either by setup or by bots sapping bandwidth, I'd guess.
[22:53]Pfote: we do not have a programmer for C#, so CH and TnT (English) aren't very supported
[22:54]Pfote: we do however leave it on the servers and rent the domains, so people can still access it
[22:56]Pfote: even though I'd love to say "yeah, we're coming back" there is no real chance for it
[22:57]Pfote: I don't have enough time to draw the missing armor and not the skills to fix bugs
[22:58]Pfote: so don't expect any changes but when something's gonna change, I'll let you guys know
[22:58]Pfote: oh and the forum doesn't work due to a domain-change, but it was barely visited ^^°
[23:08]Tonkotsu: okay
[06:10]Pfote: to take away the confusing icon, I'll replace it soon with something different
[10:44]Pfote: ok, besides an icon - the forum was replaced :)
[20:33]Pfote: mmmh, the new map is almost set up... only mission texts and two EQ-sets missing
[20:33]Pfote: but I ran into another problem... level >56 don't get that much exp anymore and I don't know where
[20:33]Pfote: to look for this damn exp-handbreak :/
[22:34]Tonkotsu: Did you already find the reason?
[23:31]Pfote: unfortunately no, after a few hours of work on the new map I quit for the day ^^°
[23:32]Pfote: I know that we used to tried to slow leveling down but I don't know where they put it
[05:01]Tonkotsu: Maybe you find it, when you search for the number 50.
[09:24]Valycia: Huh, that explains the arrow I saw. I kept thinking I just never noticed all this time.
[11:39]Pfote: no, haha :D I just implemented it yesterday within a few hours
[12:11]Pfote: I also had to reorganize the missions to fit it
[18:55]Pfote: btw. you can find any progress on the new area in the new info-icon :)
[01:59]Valycia: It's a beach. At least I'm prepared for it. The other outfit in my INV is a bikini.