[11:38]Valycia: Nope.
[09:41]Valycia: 70. Alright, disco time. Who's got the glitter ball?
[20:55]Tonkotsu: I think I can say, that you are officially old now.
[19:24]yuu~chan: Does anyone still play this game?
[00:08]Valycia: Pretty sure it's a bit more active than the chat would suggest.
[12:11]yuu~chan: Oh I see. I just haven't played this game for 6 years so just wondering
[04:02]Goban: Merry Christmas
[20:05]Roy Mustang: Hey everyone. :)
[20:16]Roy Mustang: Happy New Years everyone!
[20:49]Tonkotsu: Thanks you too, have a happy new year.
[20:50]Roy Mustang: I will. :)
[14:07]sudas: killing elite or normal moster what difirent ? xD only gold ?
[23:10]Tonkotsu: I guess gold and amount of exp. if you still earn that.
[00:09]Rathorc: How's everyone holding up?
[22:11]Goban: 160 case in my country still not sick xD
[22:12]Goban: but u never can say op before jump a hole
[11:43]Valycia: Staying pretty much isolated here because of it all.
[02:22]Taiga: Hmmm, been a long time since I place this game
[04:21]Taiga: Stay safe everyone <3
[20:22]Goban: thx u 2
[22:02]Taiga: How's it going, Goban?
[23:07]Taiga: Zzz
[00:04]Goban: well i still didnt get covid xD so i think fine but still siting at home
[00:20]Taiga: Nice, same over here. Working from home
[04:53]Taiga: Zzz
[22:23]Goban: try street rage xD i realy like intro theme on that game xD
[22:23]Goban: trying find exte version on that but still unlucky
[01:52]Taiga: Did you end up finding the extended version?
[21:18]Goban: yep but only xD live one , didnt find original one at all only 1.3 min xD
[21:19]Goban: but good thing happyn for searching it like i find my old video
[21:19]Goban: https://youtu.be/-6Z7SNC3P7U
[21:21]Goban: best xD my son in 2005 xD
[01:51]Pfote: hmmm, I need your opinions - shall I stretch the next map so it's not a new mission per level?
[01:51]Pfote: also meaning that those missions will give more exp since needed exp for a level are exponential?
[01:52]Pfote: or shall we keep it the way it is
[03:13]Valycia: How much of a stretch would it be for each mission?
[19:27]Pfote: depends on how big we want the steps, if we want to cover 20 levels in this map only
[19:28]Pfote: I'd increase the exp - you shouldn't reach map max in a blink but also not grind for another 3 years
[22:58]Valycia: Well if you want 20 levels in 1 map, 10 missions needing 2 levels each.
[22:58]Valycia: So like, 50, 52, 54, etc.
[23:10]Pfote: for example, yes
[23:24]Valycia: If you doubled the EXP reward it'd be equal to if it was 1 level each in terms of time it'd take.
[00:42]Goban: renamed account bee realy nice option 2 xD
[19:30]Pfote: I'm still not a programmer :P I'll give it my best and found my 2 programming learning books again
[19:30]Pfote: but I don't have high hopes :D
[22:54]Goban: well never mind still good way burn some time on this game with no apm xD
Xpple got 1 and 24 for being active in chat
[21:15]Xpple: Surprised that this game is still ongoing :0
[22:11]Pfote: welcome back, I guess? :D
[22:52]Xpple: >:3