[22:58]Pfote: so don't expect any changes but when something's gonna change, I'll let you guys know
[22:58]Pfote: oh and the forum doesn't work due to a domain-change, but it was barely visited ^^°
[23:08]Tonkotsu: okay
[06:10]Pfote: to take away the confusing icon, I'll replace it soon with something different
[10:44]Pfote: ok, besides an icon - the forum was replaced :)
[20:33]Pfote: mmmh, the new map is almost set up... only mission texts and two EQ-sets missing
[20:33]Pfote: but I ran into another problem... level >56 don't get that much exp anymore and I don't know where
[20:33]Pfote: to look for this damn exp-handbreak :/
[22:34]Tonkotsu: Did you already find the reason?
[23:31]Pfote: unfortunately no, after a few hours of work on the new map I quit for the day ^^°
[23:32]Pfote: I know that we used to tried to slow leveling down but I don't know where they put it
[05:01]Tonkotsu: Maybe you find it, when you search for the number 50.
[09:24]Valycia: Huh, that explains the arrow I saw. I kept thinking I just never noticed all this time.
[11:39]Pfote: no, haha :D I just implemented it yesterday within a few hours
[12:11]Pfote: I also had to reorganize the missions to fit it
[18:55]Pfote: btw. you can find any progress on the new area in the new info-icon :)
[01:59]Valycia: It's a beach. At least I'm prepared for it. The other outfit in my INV is a bikini.
[01:32]Gensokyô: test
[21:07]Tonkotsu: works
[10:17]x1thegirl411: It's really nice to see this game still up and running, i love it~ ^_^ <3
[10:27]Haru31: hello :3
[12:15]Tonkotsu: Hi
[01:28]Pfote: aaaaah, finally D:
[04:44]Valycia: It's alive. ALIVE! From my heart and from my hand, why don't people understand my intentions? Oooooh
Valycia got 1 and 75 for being active in chat
[04:44]Valycia: Weird Science.
[19:57]Tonkotsu: Wierd scientist.
[02:19]Rathorc: Just got to level 62.
[06:27]Tonkotsu: Congratulations.
[01:41]Rathorc: Thanks.
[10:33]Aeryia: Hi
[02:24]Sister Kirika: hey
[04:04]Yuki Kurosu-Sama: o.ö
[22:16]LetzGoPeeps: hi
[21:00]Pfote: Eeeey~ Got rid of 0-member-guilds :) And tried to fix the level 45 dungeon~
[21:16]Pfote: Also changed the icon from "Guild expand" to relics instead of diamonds
[20:04]Mazy Novanue: hi
[12:30]Pfote: hey there~ :)
[04:46]Rathorc: YOSH! Level 63.
[06:28]Tonkotsu: Congratulations
[04:42]Rathorc: Does anyone know when the new area's going to be done?
[08:31]Valycia: Info says Mission: 0/10, NPCs 0/?. Monsters 5/5, and Equipment 6/8.
[01:53]Rathorc: Man, not many people're talkative.
[20:23]darkness0: Sup :P
[06:56]Rathorc: Well, I just got to Level 64.
[11:19]Tonkotsu: Well done.
[05:15]Rathorc: AmI the only one still playing?
[11:38]Valycia: Nope.
[09:41]Valycia: 70. Alright, disco time. Who's got the glitter ball?
[20:55]Tonkotsu: I think I can say, that you are officially old now.