**§ 1 - Ch Rules**

The following document describes the rules for using www.cute-hero.com also refered to as "Ch" or "CH"

*§ 2 - Age Restriction*

Users which are at least 13 years or older are allowed to use this application

§ 3 - Usage of CH

(1) By using CH you agree to the guidelines and rules in this document.
(2) Membership starts with the registration of an CH account.
(3) CH is a free to play browsergame, there is no claim for availability of the service.
(4) In no case CH will be held responsible for any programming errors, server downtimes or display errors which have a negative influence on ones game or account data.
(5) Its not allowed to transfere your account to another owner.
(6) CH cant be held responsible for any damage done by using the application
(7) Accounts and its data belog to CH, the user is grated permission of using them to participate in the game
(8) In case of a dataloss or account wipe, CH cant be held responsible for any lost data.
(9) CH can be edited and changed as the creators of CH seem nessecary.

§ 4 - Accounts
(1) In case of damage done by sharing ones account data with a third person, CH wont restore any of the data lost.
(2) Administration might decide to remove accounts from the game which are longer inactive then 60 days.
(3) Account sharing is forbidden.
(4) Account sitting is also forbidden.

§ 5 - Profile

(1) No 18+ Rated content
(2) No Racism
(3) No inappropriate photografic material
(4) No content which contains violence
(5) No advertisments

§ 6 -Termination of membership
(1) Notify the Support if you like to close your account or delete your member informations.

§ 7 - Restrictions
(1) Once a restriction has be set in place, the player is allowed to request an answer for the reason.

§ 8 - Use of 3. party software
(1) Usage of 3. Person software besides regular browsers is not allowed.
(2) Every action in the application, which is not triggered by the application itself, must be triggerd by the user.
(3) use of Scripts, bot and other programmes of that nature is forbidden.

§ 9 - Content

(1) Insulting any other users of this application is forbidden.

§ 10 - Violation of rules

(1) The violation of any of these rules can lead to the termination of ones account
(2) In complicated cases the Administration will determina if a account has to be terminated or not
(3) Any user who damages the reputation of the application will be terminated
(4) Any person which has the intention to make others quiet the usage of application will be terminated
(6) Acconts in suspicion for the violation of any of this rules might be temporarily disabled
(5)Is any of the rules invalid will the rest of this document not be affected by the invalid one.

§ 11 - Diamonds & Extras
(1) Users which decide to buy diamonds have to be at least 18 years old or must be granted permission of the one resposible for him.
(2) No refund is possible
(3) Usage of all payment methods on your own risk

*§12 - Rules*
(1) The administration might change these rules if nessecary
(2) People will be informed once the content of this docment changes.